“The purpose of this session was to photograph Julianna’s six month birthday. While this may not be a milestone celebration for many families, it was important to us to mark the occasion as, Julianna was born 4lbs 8 ounces, six weeks premature. When she was first born, it would have been hard for us to imagine the happy and healthy six month old baby that she is today.

What we love most about this session is watching Sara’s creativity. She is a professional and master of her craft. We simply show up with special family mementos and allow her to create. This is why we keep coming back to have Sara capture special milestones for our family.

Our favourite photos from this session with Sara these two photos. In these photos, Sara beautifully captures both Julianna’s peaceful personality and the beauty of her delicate little facial features.

The most meaningful photo from this session is this image. In this photo, Julianna is resting in a tikanaugan and holding a photo of her Father in the same tikanaugan from when he was approximately one month old (36 years ago). The tikanaugan is a family heirloom that will be passed down to Julianna. A tikanaugan is an aboriginal baby carrier. It was a baby gift to Julianna’s Father from his Aunt. At the time of his birth, his Aunt was working as a teacher in Kingfisher Lake, Ontario. The tikanaugan was handmade by Janet and Swanson Mikanak, friends of his Aunt.”


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