Different Sessions, Different Experiences

Over the last six years I have had the good fortune to have had many sessions with Sara. My walls are full of beautiful photographs of myself and the people I love most dearly. I have photographs from many types of sessions. From family sessions, to maternity, birth, and even boudoir sessions I have done them all. You won’t see my boudoir photographs hanging on the wall, but I do have them!

The experiences of each of these sessions were much different than the rest. They all come with their own unique challenges, emotions, and importance to me.

Boudoir Session

When Sara began offering boudoir sessions I thought it was a great service to offer and an amazing chance for women to feel beautiful and express themselves. I never pictured myself having a boudoir session however. I did not feel like I was “the type” for one and just never considered it as a thing I might do.

When Sara invited me to come on a boudoir shoot my first inclination was to say no “thank you”. But something told me that it would be fun and while it would be hard it would also be good to push myself beyond my comfort zone. So I held my breath and said, “yes please”.

Boudoir session preparation is a lot different than preparing for a family session. Beyond the lingerie shopping, which is best done with friends for fun’s sake, there is the hair styling, the makeup, the nail polishing, and, for me, the convincing myself it was still a good idea. It was the unknown about the session that made me nervous and question whether I would be able to go through with it.

I made it to the session with Sara that day, nervous but also excited for a fun time. With three young children at home it was to be a wonderful day spent on myself.

My maternity session had been great practice for a boudoir session as I was again the only subject in the frame. However this session was not because I was growing a baby, I was the sole focus this time. I think that is one of the most important reasons to have a boudoir session and why it is such a valuable experience. The session was about me and only for me and to make me feel good.

And I felt great even. As I did not know what to expect or do I was happy to have Sara guide me through all the poses and wardrobe changes. There were lots of giggles and jokes as my mind transitioned from my role as ‘mom’ to one of a women that is her own person that can be beautiful and sensuous.

I absolutely love the photographs Sara took that day. I look beautiful – sexy even. And also confident in my own body. I had no idea at time I could look like that. My life at the time was usually filled with making meals, wiping noses, and other less than attractive tasks.

While the photographs are amazing and something special I will keep forever I think for a boudoir session it is the session itself that is most important and lasting. Transformative even. Sara made me feel proud of myself, comfortable with my body, and ready to go beyond my comfort zone more often.


Celebrate You Boudoir Sessions are about you.  You can wear your favourite outfits, you can wear nothing at all.  The photos can be fun or they can be sensual (or both).  The only purpose is to make yourself a priority and love yourself as you are

Join me in March or April and celebrate the amazing woman you already are