“Dream big
Start small
But most of all, start”
(Simon Sinek)

I know you have the passion, let me help you with the rest.

Are you afraid to raise your prices?
Are you confused about the systems you need to put in place to run your business?
Are you editing and working day in and day out with no real break?
Are you confused about why your photography skills keep improving but you aren’t booking more clients?
Are you considering starting your own photography business but keep hitting the pause button because you’re afraid and uncertain if you’re ready?
I’m here to help you become an expert on your business and make decisions that meet your unique needs. Let me help you find clarity, create solid actionable plans, and provide accountability for your short and long term goals.
~ Curious? ~
Join me on February 6th for a free online workshop “The Dreaded M Word” all about pricing dilemmas and profitability
~ Ready to focus your efforts on one of the key components of your business? ~
I offer five different 90 minute online workshops that tackle the following areas: Business Planning, the Artistry (Portfolio & Editing), Business Systems & the Client Experience, Pricing & Budgeting, and Advertising & Social Media.  Online workshops include your online workshop (live & recorded video), downloadable workbooks, and access to a private group for ongoing support.
~ Are you ready to invest in your talent and passion in order to meet your artistic AND financial needs? ~
I offer an eight week Behind the Lens: The Business of Photography online course. Online workshops (recorded for you to reference and revisit), workbooks, online support customized to your needs, and accountability. 
Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.  I hear you: it’s scary, overwhelming, daunting, and there’s always an excuse why change can wait.  Let me be there with you as you finally make your business work for you rather than the other way around.
Want to know more about me?  Questions about what is the best workshop for you?  I’m here to answer questions and to help!