Your potential clients are inundated by information and photos online: how are the images you use to promote your business setting you apart? By learning the fundamentals of photography and how to use a DSLR camera, you can help your business stand out from the crowd by creating photos that support your message and brand.  Take beautiful photos for your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and at the same time improve your photography skills for your own personal photos of your family, trips, and hobbies.

How learning about photography can benefit your business:

  • Take the photos you need when you need them
  • Create images you can use on your blog and social media and save money on stock photography
  • Improve the consistency and visibility of your online presence (Instagram, Facebook etc.)
  • It adds a fun and creative component to the behind the scenes work you do for your business

How you can incorporate photography into your business:

  • Before and after photos
  • Photos to accompany client testimonials
  • Educational images about the services you offer
  • Photos from classes & workshops
  • Photos from community events
  • Photos of new products
  • Photos of items on sale
  • Photos of store displays
  • Photos of products in use
  • Photos of staff

How you can use the photos you take:

  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Business postcards
  • Banners
  • Press releases

The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity!


Artists & Craftspeople
~ Photos of your current projects
~ Photos of items for sale
~ Photos of specific techniques to promote classes, works in progress


~ Product photos for sponsored posts
~ Step by step photos for crafts, recipes, tips
~ Photos that match your brand and website design


Store owners
~Photos of new products
~ Photos of products in use
~ Photos of store displays, employees, and ‘behind the scenes’


Make-up artists
~ Photos of newly released products
~ Client before and after photos
~ Photos to accompany client testimonials


~ Photos to accompany your clients’ birth stories
~ Photos to incorporate into educational blog posts
~ Photos of different partner & doula support techniques


Children’s classes & events (e.g., dance, music, gymnastics, birthday parties)
~ Behind the scenes photos from your classes
~ Photos from your concerts and special events
~ Photos to accompany client testimonials


Health (e.g., RMT, Physiotherapist)
~ Photos of techniques you use
~ Photos to incorporate into educational blog posts
~ Behind the scenes photos of workshops, your treatment rooms, your staff


Yoga & Fitness Instructors
~ Photos of proper techniques
~ Before and after photos
~ Action photos of your classes


Contractors, Decorators, Landscapers & Professional Organizers
~ Before and After photos
~ Detailed photos of finished projects
~ Photos of materials and products used by your company


Online, Catalogue, and Direct Sales Retailers
~ Photos of products for sale
~ Photos of seasonal and sale items
~ Photos from special events and displays



Learning To Use Your DSLR | For Small Business Owners

This specialized 4 week version of my popular Learning to Use Your DSLR photography class has been tailored to meet the needs of small business owners.   During the classes we will cover:

-Understanding and implementing the fundamentals of photography (exposure triangle, white balance), natural and artificial light, and the rules of composition.

-Taking client and product photos indoors and outdoors.  

-Using photos to tell stories (through Facebook, Instagram, your blog) and learning to take the types of photos that match your marketing and promotional material

What you need to know:

  • The photography course is 4 weeks long and meets once a week from 12:15 – 2:00 pm in my Orleans studio (January 9, 16, 23, 30)
  • You need to own either a DSLR camera or a Mirrorless camera that allows you to shoot in manual, shutter, and aperture modes.
  • Each participant takes home a 50 page course manual that will reinforce what you learn in each lesson both during the class AND in years to come as you grow and improve as a photographer.
  • The course is hands-on and there will be homework assigned each week. I check-in with my students on a daily basis in our private Facebook group to give feedback on your photos and answer questions.
  • Our Facebook group will continue once the class has ended to ensure you have my ongoing support as you integrate photography into your daily business practices and plans.
  • Class space is limited to ensure an optimal learning environment for all participants.

Register online today