Boudoir sessions take place for so many different reasons.  For some women it’s about learning to love their body.  For others it’s a celebration because they have accepted their body as it is.  Some women give the photos as gifts.  Others book a session to celebrate a milestone like a birthday or wedding.  For some women the sessions are part of their healing process after a divorce or break-up.

You are wrong. 

I wish I could say it more often. I know when I speak up against the self doubt and self hatred that the resistance is tsunami-like. It’s overpowering and terrifying and consuming. Working first as a therapist and then as a photographer I have witnessed first hand how our bodies are a battleground. How intense our feelings are about our physical form and how deeply entrenched our thoughts about our bodies and our self worth are. 

“thoughts are not reality nor fact” 

The vast majority of women who step in front of my camera tell me they are not photogenic and that they hate having their picture taken. As we talk and joke and inevitably share stories about ourselves I desperately hope they can see themselves from my perspective. I photograph so many brave, courageous, cheeky, hilarious, shy, gorgeous, scarred, vulnerable, stunning, strong, passionate, and incredible women. 

Our bodies, ourselves. They ache. They persevere. They carry babies. They nurture and hold. They can’t carry babies. They are sexy. They stretch and sag. They jump and dance. They sweat and break. They sustain. They are beaten and scarred. They are beautiful. They are bloody miraculous. They are. 

Come as you are. Love yourself as you are. Embrace yourself. Be kind to yourself. 

Thoughts are just thoughts. You are so much more.

I absolutely love photographing women and styling these stunning sessions to create unique images that are a part of your journey, whatever path you may be taking.  For more information, please visit my website.