My bathroom was like a little piece of heaven yesterday. Bright white curtains, the smell of coconut and fresh flowers, and a gorgeous 2 month old baby girl curled up with her mama in a warm milk bath.

This session has been in the works since the winter and I can’t tell you how excited I was that everything came together yesterday afternoon. As luck would have it our hot water tank had to be turned off on Tuesday afternoon due to a leak and even though our replacement wasn’t due to arrive until Thursday we somehow lucked into a last minute appointment on Wednesday morning and had hot water just 45 minutes before the session was due to start. I had giant pots on the stove and kettles ready to boil because that’s how excited I was for this session to take place.

I always joke that I was never meant to be land locked because my love of water runs deep (as apparently does my love of puns). Even though it wasn’t the ocean the set for these gorgeous images was so peaceful and soothing and it was unbelievably exciting to see the vision I had for this session come to life.

As I shared on my Facebook page yesterday it’s been over five years since I offered the first Breastfeeding photography sessions in Ottawa. That decision and the response that followed forever changed the path of my business. It’s been nearly five years since I wrote this blog post about that transformative experience

Breastfeeding photographs will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so grateful to the mama who joined me yesterday with her little one for this special session. A baby I watched enter the world two months ago and who has a very special connection to my family.

I loved yesterday’s session so much that I will be offering limited edition Milk Bath sessions to my mama and baby clients for cuddles, breastfeeding, or bottle feeding, as well as to my expectant mama’s for stunning maternity photographs. If you want to be the first to find out about these special sessions, make sure you’re on my VIP list.


milk bath3

milk bath2

milk bath1