One of my favourite things about being a newborn photographer is getting to see so many sweet, new babies in my studio. And beyond that, it warms my heart to see new parents. They are always a little sleepy, sometimes overwhelmed, but deeply in love.

I have spoken to many expectant parents over the years about booking newborn sessions. Even with my friends, many who had babies years ago, wished they had done a set of newborn photos with a professional photographer.

Why? There are a variety of reasons why booking your newborn photos with a professional photographer is the way to go. Here are a few:

1) Newborn Safety in Photos

Newborn posing, and the safety of the baby, is my number one concern during a session. You may see adorable, unique photos online, but don’t always assume that they are taken just as they appear. Professional photographers will use tools like Photoshop to piece together composite photos of newborns. What you don’t see are their tiny heads being held, or the position they were originally photographed in. I’ve written about newborn safety in photos before and included some questions to ask when booking a photographer.

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2) Professional Posing

A professional newborn photographer will take care to pose your newborn in a comfortable and flattering way. We have wraps and methods to help soothe baby and comfortably pose them for their sweetest pictures.

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3) Adorable Props

Have you noticed that all of my sessions tend to have different wraps, headbands, blankets and baskets? If you’ve seen my studio, you will have probably also noticed the wall and shelf of material and bins stacked and hung waiting to be used.  Photographers are always looking for new materials to use in their pictures and I love searching for soft, adorable pieces that will make your photos unique and special.

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4) Pictures with the Entire Family 

If you plan on taking newborn photos yourself (and every parent will take many pictures of their new baby!), it will be difficult to get images of your entire family together. Whether it’s of new parents with their first child, or the new baby who is joining their siblings, professional photos mean that you can all get in the shot and cherish those memories of those early days that you all experience.

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5) A Stress-Free Experience

In the last few weeks while you prepare for baby, you will be overwhelmed with emotion and sometimes a to-do list that seems never ending. Baby’s arrival doesn’t usually land neatly on a calendar either, so the exact date can be a mystery until the last minute. By booking your newborn photography session in the early months of your pregnancy, you won’t have to stress about the process after baby arrives. You’ll let me know the birth date, and within the few week we’ll find the best time for your session. I make the experience as stress free as possible, leaving you only with stunning images of your newest family member. This is what makes me happy.

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