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  1. 2 is Always Better Than 1.  This year we are offering two unique Easter sets for your children. And no, you do not have to just pick one. Unless you want to of course!  See more photos of the set in our Easter 2016 album on Facebook.
  2. Babies and Children Only. As lovely as family portraits are, it is nice to take the pressure off of choosing clothing for mom and dad. These super sweet backdrops are only for children, which means you don’t have to worry about getting your entire family ‘photo ready’.  
  3. No poopThe cuteness of real chicks and the cleanliness and safety of artificial ones.  Check out our popular blog post from two years ago on why our sessions don’t include bunnies and chicks.  
  4. Easter Dresses. The prettiest of all the dresses are out in stores right now and it makes shopping for photographs fun and easy.
  5. Dapper little Dudes. This is the best time of year for photographs of your son in a collared shirt and bow tie. It doesn’t get much cuter than a little boy in a button up shirt.
  6. Egg throwing. One of the best parts of our Easter sessions is throwing eggs brightly coloured eggs at each other.  We promise, they won’t break.
  7. A taste of Spring. Outside might be cold and snowy but inside our warm studio it looks like Spring has already begun.
  8. Bunny Ears. Most of the time when children have bunny ears in photos it’s because someone is being cheeky. This is the only time of year when bunny ears in photographs are adorable.
  9. Petals. If egg throwing has always been the highlight of our Easter sessions I cannot wait to see how much fun we can have with the pretty pink petals.  
  10. Sweet, angelic photographs of your children. You’ll want these to look at after an early morning followed by mounds of Easter chocolate has turned your sweeties into sugar fuelled tornadoes.

Easter is on the weekend of March 25th this year and sessions are scheduled for February 26th and 28th to ensure you have plenty of time to send photos to family and friends. Sessions are already 60% sold out: book your session online today!

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