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Have you booked an upcoming Snuggle Session with me? Registration details are on the Sara McConnell Photography website. Two dates are available for this year’s sessions: February 5th and 6th.

Wondering why you should book? Here are 10 reasons to book a snuggle session!

10 Top Reasons to book a Snuggle Session

1. This timeless and whimsical set is only available once a year.

2. The beautiful white backdrop is perfect for photos in pajamas or party dresses. Its versatility makes it a wonderful option for families who want to showcase their unique sense of style at their session.

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3. The set allows for both candid and posed photos. As with all my sessions, the choice is yours!

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4. If someone in your family is shy and doesn’t like being in front of the camera, snuggling up with family members is a wonderful way to help them feel more comfortable at the session.

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5. The weather in Ottawa at this time of year is unpredictable: scheduling a session at my warm and cozy studio helps avoid inconveniences that come along with having to reschedule outdoor sessions due to weather.

6. The simple set is perfect for children of all ages. Babies can lie back on the white pillows and older children can stand, sit, read a story, or play their guitar. The possibilities are endless!

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7. If you want to capture the breastfeeding or babywearing relationship you have with your little one, this gorgeous set makes the perfect backdrop for timeless nursing portraits or your beautifully coloured wraps and carriers.

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8. The neutral white set means photos can be printed, framed, and displayed in any room in your house irrespective of the wall colour or décor.

9. This soft and comfortable set is the ideal backdrop to capture the relationships between your loved ones.

10. The set is large enough for little ones to move around: to sit, lay down, and curl up in their laps (or climb on your back)!

Interested in booking your spot? Register in the boutique!

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