Thank you Gabrielle for your responses! I loved reading about your favourite memory – I love those toy animals! That is one of my favourite memories too.


 Q: What was your favourite session with me and why?

Samuel’s newborn session because it was our first session as a family of four! 

Q: What is your favourite photo from all the sessions you’ve had with me?

A black and white photo of Anthony from the February 2012 Valentine’s mini sessions.

Q: What’s a memory or story from a session that stands out?

What stands out for me is how accommodating you have always been of Anthony’s toy animals that often make their way into our shoots.

My Answers

My Favourite Session:  My two favourite sessions were photographing both boys baptisms.  I loved getting the opportunity to watch everyone come together to celebrate their beautiful boys and the importance of family.

My Favourite photo: I have two!  The first is of Anthony from his baptism. He’s sitting on the floor of the church smiling at me.  It was a busy morning with lots happening and I sneaked this shot before the ceremony started and he was scooting around on the church floor watching everyone.  The second is of Gabrielle kissing Samuel’s forehead during his baptism.  The look on her face is one of absolute love.

My Favourite memory:  Hands down Anthony’s animals!  I never know what he’s going to bring to the session and I love that they’re never the typical animals that kids would bring to a session.  It’s always fun trying to come up with stories or some way to incorporate them into the shots to help make Anthony smile.

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