Thank you Becci for contributing to my blog and sharing your stories!

Q: What is your favourite photo?

It is so hard for me to choose a favourite photo of our family that you have captured….

Because…  They are like children.  It is impossible to choose a favourite.  You treasure them all equally, but value the uniqueness of each portrait.  

Your pictures on my walls are my favourite art in my home.  You have helped me announce my pregnancy, you documented the beauty of that journey, you have captured my son’s soul in his eyes at age 3 (a strong contender if I was able to choose a favourite), you have followed my family in photos each year, you have laughed with us and cried with us.  You connect with every member of my family and you bring out the truest most authentic images of us.  We love your work.  We can not thank you enough for the gift of our family photos.  Thank you Sara.

My Thoughts

I have been photographing Becci and her beautiful family since Valentine’s Day nearly 5 years ago when Gabe, her son, was only 3.  I was so excited that Fall when she let me know that we’d be taking a special ‘Big Brother’ photo as part of their session to announce their pregnancy to family.  One of the things I love most about photographing Becci and her kids and husband is that her oldest son always shows up at every session with either a costume, an amazing outfit, and he always has the most energy and spunk.  He is the kid of 1000 faces and I love that we’ve captured everything from serious and introspective to full on belly laugh.  Watching him with his baby sister, who he loves and protects has been wonderful.

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