Thank you Amanda for your answers! I always love photographing you and your family.

Q: What was your favourite session?

A: Wow! It is hard to choose just 1! There have been so many special sessions and special moments captured on camera. I think my favourite session to date was the birth of my daughter Rhiannon.  To have those moments captured to keep forever is so magical and special. After a very long and hard pregnancy it was amazing to finally give birth and have the memories to look back on.

Q: What is your favourite photo?

A: My all time favourite photo is the photo that Sara took as Rhiannon was born and lifted up so I could see her.  The excitement on everybody’s faces was captured just perfectly along with my look of relief that the journey was over.  It is also pretty hard to beat the special breastfeeding photos that I have with my children.  Those precious moments captured to cherish and look back on is quite incredible.

Q: What is your favourite memory?

A: Our last family session which we did when our last child was just a few days old captures the love that all the children have for each other. Seeing our son look so adoringly onto his sisters with love in his eyes is amazing.  The three of our children snuggled together, all safe, warm and loved.

Thank you for being so amazing and capturing these super special moments for me and my family.

My answers

Amanda is one of my amazing friends who started as a client and I’m so grateful to have her and her family in my life.

My Favourite Session:  It was definitely Rhiannon’s birth.  It was the dead of winter and the roads were deserted on the way to the hospital.  I was only there for about half an hour before Rhiannon was born and everything happened so quickly.  To be present when a woman gives birth is an amazing honour but to be there when it’s a friend made it amazingly special.

My Favourite Photo: I have two.  After Rhiannon was born she was laying on her mama’s chest and her dad and mom had a quiet moment of connection.  I was so proud of everything they endured during the pregnancy and so happy to see them with their baby girl.  The second is the photo of Amanda with Rhiannon wrapped to her chest during our newborn session together.  The wrap she used is very special to me and it was so meaningful to see my friend wrap her brand new baby girl so close to her heart.  

My Favourite Memory: Hands down one of the funniest things that’s happened at a session in the past five years.  Amanda’s maternity session took place just before sunset in Gatineau park.  It was absolutely freezing and my family was also there as we were all getting together once the photos were done.  Amanda’s two kids and my three kids were in the parking lot in our van with my husband and Amanda was behind a bush getting changed with her husband’s help when all we hear is a horn being honked.  My poor husband then yells out the window “It was the kids I swear it wasn’t me!!”.  He was so embarrassed and we were all falling over laughing trying not to freeze in the -20 weather and deep snow.

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