I continue my celebration stories with Jennifer! Today she’s sharing her favourite images and memories with us. 

What was your favourite session?

My favorite session is the very first session we did, breastfeeding and babywearing in … January of 2013?! Not only are the photos stunning but from the moment we walked into your home you gave off this amazing energy.   You take gorgeous photos but it is your personality, patience and passion that keep us coming back!

What has been your favourite photo?

Having to choose just one photo is hard, we have hundreds!  Can I do a top 10? No? Ok, I love the family babywearing photo with Avery in a ring sling and Evan in a MT, it is silly and makes me smile every time I see it. (see attached)

What has been your favourite memory?

One memory that really stands out for me from a session is actually a session that I had to cancel.  I booked Mother’s Day photos with Sara in April of 2014, both of us knowing that my due date for baby #2 was two days before the session and there was a chance that I would have to cancel.  When I sent Sara the e-mail saying ‘yay we had the baby, but I won’t be making it to my session’, Sara quickly refunded me my session fee and instead of advertising the slot being available and recouping her loss she ran a quick contest offering it for free to another family.   

Jennifer also shared her husband’s answers!

His favourite session were the Father’s day painting, it was very interactive.

His favourite photo was Sad Bunny.

His favourite memory: Your broken foot!  The first session that he attended with us, you were on a computer chair with a cloth under your foot so you could still get around and get some amazing shots.  He was really impressed with your dedication!

My answers

One of the best things about my business is that several of my clients have become friends over the past five years and Jennifer is one of those people.  She has the biggest heart, and smile, and I have loved photographing her boys over the course of the last three years.  Her husband d’Arc is also a fantastic involved dad who always participates in the sessions: I love getting to watch him play with his boys.  

My Favourite Session:  This was a tough one because we have had a lot of amazing sessions recently.  Jennifer and I are both part of a very active babywearing community in Ottawa and on the anniversary of my Grandma’s death I photographed her and her little guys with a wrap that had been woven in my Grandma’s memory.  It was the perfect way to commemorate the day because I don’t have a large family and my Grandma’s friendship, and mine, were the most important part of her life.

My Favourite photo:  Okay what was I thinking when I wrote these questions?  Mine is the photo I have of Jen and Avery at his newborn session.  We sneaked outside quickly at the end of the session for a shot of her cuddling him in her beautiful Uppymama rainbow ring sling.   I love the colours, the brand new squishy baby, and the look of absolute contentment on her face.

My Favourite memory:  d’Arc and his keys!  For their first Fall session I forgot to ask him to take his key carabiner off his pants and ended up Photoshopping them out of every photo.  It’s now a running gag to see how quickly I notice whether he has them on and the best part was when Evan came to a session with keys clipped to his pants!

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