Today’s Q and A is with Karine! Read on to find out her favourite sessions, and see if one matches my pick!

Q: What was your favourite session?

A: So many favorites…. I can boil it down to two *although it is very difficiult to just pick two.  I liked my maternity session back in the summer of 2012,  you took such great care with Clara and making her feel comfortable touching mommy’s belly.  You have a pic from that session where both she and I are checking out our bare bellies… so great and cute.  Linked to that session, was the subsequent newborn session you did for Dax. Loved that session too. He was so, well, um, uncooperative… and you were so great, generous and patient.  We landed some terrific pics!  The one of him in the sock monkey hat is my fave from that session…. followed close by with the pic of my holding blocks of Dax’s name on my bare belly.  I still have those blocks in his room!

Q: What is your favourite photo:

A: I love the recent session we did at the beach, where you caught candid photos of Clara and Dax splashing around… so great.  I also REALLY loved the candid shots at the graffiti wall we did in 2014….

Q: What was your favourite moment:

A: The one thing that stands out… it isn’t a single thing per se, but rather a theme. It’s your generosity with my kids.  You take the time to get the perfect pic…. thank you for capturing our most precious memories.


My answers

I love the energy this family brings to every session.  Their sense of humour is fantastic, which I love because there’s a lot of joking and goofing around in my own family and I love when I get to do the same thing with clients.  I laugh at every single session no matter what happens and that is what I enjoy most about our sessions together.

My Favourite session: This was a hard choice because we always have fun but I have to say it was our session this summer at the beach.  It was only 10 minutes but it felt like 20 minutes because we had so much fun.  The kids were full of smiles and had so much fun playing in the water and I loved getting wet with them.

My Favourite photo: I have two.  The first is Clara jumping in front of the graffiti wall and the second is the set of photos from Dax’ newborn sessions with his name blocks to accompanying the photo of your belly with the same blocks.  Even though he wasn’t a fan of being on his belly I love that we persevered because I knew how important the photo was to you.

My Favourite moment: Probably the same moment from every session where we start making fun of dad.  See back to the sense of humour!  For me it’s the photo of Clara taking her mom and dad’s photo at our first maternity session.  She brought her toy camera to the shoot and stood beside me for part of the session taking photos.  I loved that we connected so quickly and she was comfortable with me.  I also always appreciate that both your kids humour my french language skills, which are passable at the best of times.

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