Today’s client Q and A is with Alanna!

Q: What was your favourite session?

A: October 2014; the only session we’ve had outdoors with you, we love the photos, everybody looks happy

Q: What was your favourite photo?

A: It’s really hard to pick but from December 2014 all 3 kids lying on floor during Lindy’s newborn session, on canvas in our living room

Q: What was your favourite moment or specific memory:

Almost missing our latest session (me sweating bullets) because of unexplained traffic on a Saturday morning

My responses

My Favourite session:  My favourite session with Alanna was Lindy’s newborn session in December 2014.  I love the photo of the five of them dressed up in their Christmas outfits and the photo of the three kids curled up together on the floor is perfect.  Three under three 🙂

My Favourite photo:  It’s two photos: the first is the pregnancy announcement at their 2014 Easter session with just two little ones and then next Easter we had all three kids together in the photo.

My Favourite moment: The smile on Lauren’s face when she climbed aboard the pig statue at our Fall session.  It’s the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face!

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