My stories to celebreate 5 years in business continue with another client Q and A. 


Client: Rachelle


Q: What was your favourite session?

A: The mini lights sessions, in particular the one from 2014 which captured my daughter’s beautiful smile shortly after repeated visits from the tooth fairy.


Q: What has been your favourite photo?

A: It’s hard enough picking my images from each session let alone picking my one favourite photo! There’s the family picture from this spring where we are all sitting in tall grass near the Avalon pond. I also love the ones of the kids holding hands as they walk on a path at Petrie Island, or even the one of Hugo at the arboretum where he was sticking his tongue out and it’s a picture of him next to all of our legs.

Q: What’s your favourite memory from a session?

Whenever I’m showing off my pictures, people always assume that it must have taken hours to get such a perfect shot. They are blown away when I tell them it only took 10 minutes and very little convincing (or bribery) to get the kids smiling. Thank you for always making it so pleasant!

My answers

When I met Rachelle I was photographing classes at Gymboree Play & Music on a monthly basis.  Her little guy was only six months old and not even sitting yet but oh how I loved to photograph him!  He was so curious but always stared at me with these giant eyes like “I’m not quite sure about you”.

My Favourite session:  My favourite session was the Mini wedding dress session with her daughter.  Her mom wasn’t sure how she’d react being the centre of attention but she was so excited to wear her mom’s dress and her face was radiant.  Because the session was all about her I had the chance to chat and connect with her and that’s my favourite part of my job.

My Favourite photo:  For me it’s the photo of the four of you standing together on the wall at the Ornamental gardens.  I love the colours and how connected the four of you are standing there together.  It was also one of my favourite sessions because you had so much fun playing with your kids that day.  If I had to pick a second favourite photo it would be Rachelle and her daughter sitting together on the wall that day.  The smiles on their faces are perfect.

A Memory or story that stands out: For me it was our session together this Spring.  Seeing the kids together and realizing just how much they’ve changed since I first photographed them at Gymboree in early 2011.  They are growing into these lovely kids and I love how comfortable they are with me now.  There’s no trying to convince them to smile or participate, they’re happy to be in front of the camera and hamming it up for me.

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