I asked clients a few questions as part of my 5 year celebrations and I’m going to share their answers, and my own, on the blog over the next few days. A huge thank you to all the clients who took time out of their busy lives to reflect on the past five years with me!

Client: Katie

Q: What was your favourite session with me?

A: Lilianne’s newborn session. This was the first time that we really truly were able to appreciate your patience, talent and creativity. The firefighter pictures (which I see have sparked a new fire series) were so amazing. The fact that you were able to come to our home after I had a very hectic and unexpected delivery was so great. Seeing all of the hard work that goes into the your photography (hair dryer on the bare bum to keep her warm, the fabrics, the posing, etc) was really neat. And, allowing my mom to watch was a truly special moment for her. Seeing her sit on the couch with tears in her eyes over her first granddaughter was just so special for me too.

Q: What was your favourite photo?

A: Obviously the firefighter series are the favourites, but the candid photos you took of Lilianne exploring her brand new baby sister on the sheepskin have my heart. The innocence in both of my girls – the pride in a newly appointed big sister –  how sweet and delicate Rosalie is – those pictures make my heart burst. Probably why I had a huge collage canvas made and placed above my bed! I want to see them every single morning and evening.

Q: What memory or story stands out to you?

A: For entertainment sake!? Let’s see – the dog going nuts in the middle of our session, my daughter sitting on my face for the perfect picture as I lay on my back out of the shot while 7 1/2 months pregnant, all three children melting down in the rain at the exact same time! But seriously, the best memory I have from a session goes back to our first session. I was so excited to be there with you – out in the minus whatever weather – anxious for the next few weeks. I left that session absolutely bursting with energy, was super giddy and filled with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to see my photos, I couldn’t wait to meet my little baby and I couldn’t wait to see you again for all the other special moments that you would help create.

Thank you again for all of your amazing photos. Cheers to all the hard work over the past 5 years and to all the success you will have in the future! I look forward to having many more of my family moments captured by you!

My answers

Katie and I met through the Running room just before she got married.  We were part of Team Normal, aka the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ troupe who brought up the rear of every run.  Long runs means lots of time to talk and I loved getting to know her during our 10 km clinic.  Even though I’m not a wedding photographer I love hearing about wedding plans and all the preparations: she was so excited for her big day and it was so much fun hearing about all her plans.  

When she messaged me that she was expecting her first baby I was unbelievably excited that I would have the chance to work with her and her husband.  The light on the day of her maternity session was glorious and she was radiant.

I love that we’ve collaborated on so many sessions over the past 3 years.  Katie has fantastic ideas and then always encourages me to put my ‘spin’ on the ideas she has.  I love that she always shows up with a smile on her face and is so genuinely kind and enthusiastic.  When clients tell me how much they love their photos and their sessions, which she does all the time, it’s honestly the best part of the job.  Knowing these photos are all over the walls of her home makes my heart happy.

My Favourite session: So I should have maybe thought through the questions before I gave them out to my clients because, seriously, how am I supposed to choose?!  You get my three favourites: her maternity session because of the beautiful light, her openness to all my ideas, and how much fun we had.  Lilianne’s newborn session because I knew the photos she wanted and she let me put my own creative spin on them.  Her husband was an amazing assistant that day: moving all my gear around, helping me pose Lilianne, and sweating it out in his bunker gear under the hot lights.  My third favourite was our Holiday Session together in 2014.  There were so many tears and yet we still laughed because toddlers are a force to be reckoned with and even though it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, the gallery of photos was adorable.

My Favourite photo: For me there are two that stand out.  The first is your family together as a family of four in January of 2015.  I was so for Rosalie’s arrival and that I would get to photograph the four of you together.  The second is the series of the girls in their dad’s boots and bunker gears.  The memories of them each year standing in his boots and sitting in his hat are unbelievably special.

The Memory or story that stands out:  Poor JF shivering on the day of your maternity session.  He was a total trooper standing in the -20 wind with just a sweater on while I was bundled up in my winter gear and you had pregnancy hormones to keep you warm.  I also wish I’d had video of our Fall session when April your four legged family member took off like a demon around the three of you in circles.  It was one of my favourite moments from my sessions for that entire year!

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