What is a Boudoir Session? What happens when I attend one?

The word boudoir is one of those words that raises eyebrows. Piques interest. While catching up with a group of friends at a holiday party last year the topic of boudoir photography came up. Probably because Sara was at the party and who doesn’t talk about work when catching up with old friends? I can be rather shy, so speaking up and telling them about my experience, having had my own boudoir session not long before, was a bit like admitting I had just had my first kiss. There was a lot of curiosity about the whole thing and entirely too much attention on me. After my blush started to fade and I remembered how proud of myself I was for going out and doing it, I was happy to talk about the experience with my friends. And now that I have been behind the scenes assisting at Sara’s boudoir sessions I want to share with all of you what it’s like. – Brenda, Sara McConnell Photography Session Coordinator

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Behind the Scenes at a Boudoir Session with Sara McConnell Photography

Before you even step into Sara’s studio, the experience has already started. You’ve looked through Sara’s portfolio, looked up makeup styles online, gone through your closet looking for just the right clothing and shoes, and entered into new territory in the lingerie store. (Note: Shopping is best done with friends who will  push you a bit beyond your comfort zone.) Sara has lots of tips and advice on what to bring if you don’t know where to start. because it’s really helpful for some of us to start out with a solid shopping list to work from.

It’s a good idea to write in your calendar “boudoir” as an all day event. While the styling and photo shoot doesn’t take all day it does feel awesome to head out for a night on the town when you’re looking and feeling so beautiful and made up.

On the morning of your session you’re greeted by myself or another of Sara’s assistants. I almost always notice a bit of nervousness on the faces of the women I meet at the door. A boudoir session is definitely not what most women are used to. But the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. Snacks and beverages and background music are a welcome ice breaker. Not that we usually need much of one. I find women always have something to share and relate to with each other. It makes for much laughter and smiles before the session.

Once settled, I introduce you to the hair and makeup artist and you get the chance to go over any preferences you have. I find there about as many people who are wide open to anything as there are those who have some specific ideas in mind for either makeup or hairstyles. While the artist works her magic we talk and laugh amongst ourselves, sip tea, and sometimes even just relish the peace and quiet.

One of the things I love to do for Sara’s clients is to take ‘before shots’ pre makeup and hair styling as well as some getting ready pictures during the process. My favourite shot is definitely of the reveal. Women are always blown away with how beautiful and sexy they look after they are made up for their boudoir session.


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Once you are ready, Sara helps you coordinate your outfits and lingerie for the shoot, helping to decide what will be worn with what and in what order. And with everything ready for the big moment I wish you good luck and good times as you enter the studio. There is a private area to change in the studio so I won’t see you again until after the session is all over. Although, the next client, the make up artist, and I often hear giggling and the sound of chairs being pushed along the ground from behind the wall of the studio. With that, there is always much speculation and giggles on our end as well.

When women come out with Sara at the end they always look happy. And it looks like they have clearly tousled their hair at least once for the camera. After your session you may relax with finger foods and a drink and join back into the conversation until you are ready to go on about your day. Hopefully to somewhere fun and a good place to show off your new dramatic look!

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