Are you ready for Halloween? Are the costumes chosen and the pumpkins carved? It’s an exciting time of year for children (and sometimes a bit scary for the little ones) but in the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating, crafting and spooky story telling, don’t forget to take photos of all your Halloween fun!
How to take Spooktacular Halloween Photos!
1.  For each photo or subject, remember to change your perspective: close up, from above, from below, pull-back (and capture the whole scene).
2.  Turn your flash off when you take photos of your carved pumpkin to ensure you capture the glow of the candles.
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3.  Do a dress rehearsal of your little ones in costumes a few days before the big night so you can get photos of them outside in daylight and they’ll be a lot less excited and willing to follow your instructions. If you don’t have a chance to do this before hand, be sure to grab the photos before trick-or-treating; costumes after you have been walking around the neighbourhood don’t look quite as fresh!
4.  Don’t forget all the little details: the artwork your children have created at home or at school, the decorations around the house, and the treats you baked.
5.  Photograph the preparations for the big night: your kids putting on their make-up, getting dressed, checking out their costumes in the mirror.  The preparation is part of the fun!
6. If you go trick-or-treating, make sure to take ‘after’ photos. Not only will your little ones’ eyes be wide thanks to their Halloween loot, but sometimes silly and fun pictures happen in those moments after an exhausting walk around the neighbourhood.
7. Have older kids? Try to encourage them to get in front of the camera too, no matter how uncool they think it may be. Remind them that they’ll be happy to remember their Halloween costumes in the years to come!
8. Grab a picture of the kids walking down the street on their way to trick-or-treat. It’s not only a great way to capture a memory with your little ones, but also, of your neighbourhood at the time.
Remember Halloween safety tips if your family is heading out at night, and remind the kids about the safety rules too.  Bring your camera while you are heading door-to-door for impromptu pictures along the way!