Do you want to learn how to create your own beautiful memories? 
Do you own an expensive camera but only ever use it in automatic mode? 
Do you envision an image in your mind but can never get your photos to turn out how you want them to?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, than this class is for you!

Anyone who has ever tried to photograph their own children or family knows that there is much more to photography than owning an expensive camera.  Beyond learning the settings on your camera, there is understanding exposure, the ‘rules’ for composition and what makes a photograph artistically appealing, understanding how to use light, as well as the different skills involved in photographing a variety of subjects and scenes.

Learning the craft of photography is a lifelong journey.  Every year I take online courses as well as attend photography workshops in an effort to improve my skills, my creative process, and to stay inspired and motivated.  Nearly two years ago, after many many requests from clients, I took the time to develop a Learning to Use Your DSLR class for people who want to learn how to use their camera and create memories of their family, travel adventures, and hobbies.  With a background in education and facilitation, this opportunity to teach others about my livelihood and passion, has been an amazing experience.

I offer several learning opportunities and photography workshops in my Ottawa studio.  All of my students begin with the five week long Learning to Use Your DSLR class, which gives them a foundation in understanding and manipulating the exposure triangle, the use of light, rules of composition, and strategies for taking photos in a variety of different settings.  Graduates of that introductory class are then able to take intermediate level workshops in a variety of topics.  I’ve offered workshops in Photographing Holiday Lights at Night, Baby & Child Photography,  Lightroom, Fall Colours, and Sunsets and Silhouettes.

The Learning to Use Your DSLR Class is 5 weeks long and includes a 50-page manual that compliments the in-class learning and makes a wonderful resource guide once the class is finished.  Weekly homework assignments, photo critiques, and support in our private Facebook group help to solidify what is learned during each weekly lesson.  It’s important to me that my students can contact me throughout the class for support and feedback but also after their course is finished.  Graduates of the class are added to a private Facebook group where I check-in daily with tips, challenges, and help to trouble shoot any challenges they’re experiencing as they continue to practice what they’ve learned.

Not only do I love meeting new people but getting to see the development of my students skill is the most rewarding part of offering these classes and workshops.  While I love the opportunity to photograph families throughout the year it’s also important to me that people learn how to capture their own memories.  I love seeing the progression in their skill and their own style emerge as they learn how to use light to their advantage but also how to engage with their children and friends and family to take beautiful photos of the people they love most.  It’s wonderful to see photos from world wide adventures pop up in our graduate group as students share their hobbies and adventures with everyone in the group.

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Below: Photos taken by my amazingly talented and hard working students!