No matter what the season, no matter the location of the session, no matter what the theme, one of the most common questions I’m asked is: What should our family wear for our photography session with you?

I provide all my clients with a welcome package that answers this question in detail by providing lists of tips and ideas when choosing outfits for their session. Certain outfits look better on camera, and as a photographer, there are recommendations I make for what to wear depending on where there session is taking place, the type of session it is, and the time of year.

Below, I share some of those tips and suggestions that I send to clients when they book a session.

1- Dress comfortably

No matter what colours you choose to wear, be sure to dress comfortably. I often ask clients to bend down, squat, snuggle and get in positions that look fantastic in photos but in the wrong outfit, could be restrictive. Try everything on before the day of the session as well to avoid any surprises for family members.

2- You don’t have to match

You can all wear the colour blue if you really want, but don’t feel like you have to. Complementary colours are always nice, but think more about the style of what everyone is wearing rather than the specific colours (e.g., casual, formal).

Here are a few colour combinations for inspiration!

3- Less is more

Not when it comes to the actual clothing, but when it comes to what’s on the clothing, always choose ‘less’: Avoid shiny fabrics, or fabrics that have a bold pattern, graphic, word graphics, and small patterns (like narrow stripes).

4- Wear layers

By wearing multiple layers of different colours, you can have a few different colour combination options during your sessions.

5- Start with the biggest challenge

Start by choosing an outfit for the person in the family who is most difficult to select clothes for.  Then base the rest of your choices on what you’ve selected for them.


Above all else, you want to relax, and enjoy yourself. If you are stressed about your wardrobe during the entire session, your authentic self won’t shine through. Follow these simple tips and all you will have to worry about is what size of canvas you want to print when the photos are done!