As we head into the summer, my camera is ready to capture the special memories I create with my own family.  From time to time on my Facebook page I share photos from my own family vacations as well as suggestions for the photos you can take with your own family.
There’s more to taking great photos than just knowing the technical side of your camera (although that certainly helps!). Grab your camera and snap an endless summer of dirty faces, grass-stained knees and smiling little ones.
Wondering how to make the most of your camera this summer? I have a few tips to help.
How To Take Fantastic Summer Photos
1.  Take care of your camera
Have you ever almost dropped your camera in the pool or water while trying to capture the perfect, splashing shot? Now might be the time to get a strap. Wear your camera strap around your neck to ensure your camera doesn’t tumble onto the sand or into the water.
All those beach trips can cause issues with your camera too. Consider having your camera professionally cleaned after spending time at the beach to ensure sand doesn’t damage your camera’s interior.
2.  Find the shade.  
Not only is the shade handy to find for comfort and to protect your skin from the sun, but it’s important for a photographer too! To avoid squinty eyes and scrunched faces, look for open shade where you can take photos.  Either under trees, beside a building, or even using your child’s large sun hat to block out the harshest rays.
3.   Go where the action is!  
Make sure to caption all the fun of summer: jumping into the pool, running into the ocean, swooshing down the slide, or running through the sprinkler. The kids are always on the move and each action shot is a fantastic memory of how active your family has been.
4.  Get down on their level.  
Instead of photographing from your perspective get down on your knees or stomach and photograph your kids having fun from their perspective.
5.  Remember all the little details.
You can capture more than posed moments and action shots. Make a mental note to snap photos of the little things too. Take pictures of melting popsicles, sandy toes, sleepy faces, and arts and crafts creations. These will all build your photo album of a summer to remember!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Family Photographer