What do you do with your photos after a photography session?  I know many clients and friends tend to share them on Facebook; they may even email them to family members and or use them to make Christmas cards.  I love getting photos from my baby, maternity and family clients who share with me how they have displayed the photos in their home. Anyone who has been into my home or studio knows that I love printing photos of my kids to cover our walls!

I have a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to ways to frame and hang photos in your home.  Here are a few options that I love and use. I’ve included some Pins so that you can add them to your own inspiration boards.

1. Printing on Canvas

It’s no secret that I love to order canvases from CanvasPop. They are an Ottawa-based company and the quality is always spot on.  A canvas on the wall is like a piece of art. It’s stunning to look at and I have dozens around my own home. You can vary the sizing and even create a collage of several photos on one canvas!  This is a great option for Instagram or Facebook photos.

2. Printing and Framing

Use a professional printing service like mpix to print your favourite photos in various sizes, then visit Ikea and stock up on frames.  You can either sit a small frame up on a shelf, or group them together in a gallery wall. Gallery walls are very popular and can be set up in many areas in the house such as the wall leading up or down the stairs, or a wall above the couch in your living room.




3. Clip it!

There are systems you can make using curtain rods and clips to hold your photos. These are fun when mixing up family photos frequently, or in a play room as the kids grow and change so quickly.

Another way is to use decorative string and clips. This is a great DIY project that your kids can help you with.



4. Magnet Strips

These are easy to make yourself. Use a long magnetized strip and fun magnets to hold the pictures on the strip. You can get creative with how you display them and where!

Still looking for more creative ways to display your photos? Visit my Pinterest board for ideas and I’ll be sure to update it often!

Do you have a favourite way to display your photos? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Displaying your Photos