Photo credit: Blue Dandelion Photography

Earlier this week I was tagged on Instagram to post 20 things about me so I thought it would be fun to end the week with a little ‘did you know?’ about me!

1)  I don’t drink coffee or lattes.  In University I tried to pick up a coffee habit but just can’t stand the taste.  Tea is my main source of caffeine.

2)  Last year I learned how to weave on a floor loom to make fabric.  If there’s a zombie apocalypse I’ll be ready with my homestead building skills to save the day.

3) I’m terrified of heights.  When I visited London a few weeks back the 2-3 story escalators in the tube had me sweating in fear.

4) I started University as a history student with plans to be a teacher and graduated with my Honours BA in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counselling.

5)  Last summer I discovered I have a severe allergy to wasps and spent the night in the hospital.   It was the most dramatic end to a photography session I’ve ever had.

6)  I don’t watch scary movies or TV shows because I have a comically exaggerated startle reflex.

7)  I’m an only child and was raised by my dad.

8) My favourite colour is pink.

9) I love lists.  Making them. Crossing things off them.  Finishing a to do list makes me gleeful.

10)  The farthest I’ve been from home is Perth, Australia.  I spent three weeks there with my dad when I was 18.

11) I’ve been married twice to the same person.  We had started planning our wedding when my husband narrowly avoided a dam opening that killed a mother and her son.  We were married a week later and still went ahead with our planned wedding.

12) I was a competitive dressage rider during high school.

13) I have three sons.  And my own ATV.

14)  I don’t drink alcohol.  One drunken night in Bahamas 15 years ago was enough to turn me off all alcohol for life.

15) I love being barefoot.

16)  When I asked my husband to give me something for this list that might surprise people his answer was ‘that you put up with me’.  Anyone who knows him knows that’s easy to do because he’s awesome (and no he didn’t tell me to write this, I really do love him).

17) I still have trouble telling knowing my lefts and rights.

18) I love bruschetta and tomato sauce and tomatoes on my salad but if you ask me to eat a slice of tomato on it’s own I’ll gag.

19) I have a black thumb.  Plants don’t stand a chance under my care.

20) I worked at a vet clinic during middle school and high school.