We remember birthdays, first days of school, the play-off game, the dance recital: those ‘big’ moments are the times we pull out our camera or our phone for a snapshot.  We freeze the moment so we can return to it, reflect, and remember.

I’m a big proponent of quiet stalking with my camera.  Not in the creepy ethically and legally corrupt way but in the ‘stop pestering them and capture the real moments’ sort of way.  I’m a big believer in making few requests of my kids when it comes to taking photos and instead standing back quietly and photographing our life as it unfolds.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the power of silence and today my words of wisdom are to focus on the in between moments.

When I’m behind my camera I’m not distracted or absent from the moment.  My other senses dull and I’m completely tuned in to what’s happening in front of me.  When my camera is in my hand I am meditative and focused; I am tuning out the noise in my head and busyness around me and focusing on the minutiae of our everyday existence.

Recently my son stormed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.  When I followed a minute later I found him sitting on the stairs, his littlest brother patting his chest and telling him ‘it’s okay’.  My son was trying to be angry but when I crept back around the corner with my camera this is what I found.

LowRes336 - April 20, 2015

One of those moments that slip past us.

As I scrolled through photos looked for a few memories to include in my post I was struck by how many ‘oh I’d forgotten that!’  moments I experienced or how many times I shook my head and thought how perfectly a photo represented who one of my boys was in that moment.

The obsession last summer with his owl hat and birds.  The bird obsession has continued but I had forgotten how he wore that hat everywhere, even when it was 30 degrees.  And the freckles on his cheeks, which disappear when the sun hibernates for the winter.

77 - August 4, 2014

I know in a year, heck a month, they will be different .  I photographed my son playing in the kitchen light because he follows the sunshine around the house with his toys.  If you want to find him, look for sunbeams.  I want to remember my little sun seeker.

LowRes330 - April 14, 2015

I’d forgotten my little guys obsession with our hose last summer.  How often our eldest son would dart back in the kitchen to hide from the onslaught of water.  How I would find them watering the plants but really just playing in the cold spray.

8 - May 27, 2014

Watch the in between moments.  Seek them out.  Don’t hide behind your camera and avoid participating but take the opportunity to quietly observe and soak who your children in.  What they love to do.  What frustrates them (and you).  Their interests.  Their quirks.

Hold onto the moments that slip away.