2020 Holiday Sessions | Two New Sets

2020 Holiday Sessions | Different Kind of Holiday Session Experience

How will Covid-19 affect my Holiday Session?

  • We will remain at least 6-8 feet apart for the duration of the session.  On average, I’m this far away from clients for about 80% of my sessions already, especially for family and action shots. 
  • We will hold off on hugging, handshakes, and high fives.  There will be no physical contact during sessions.  Our enthusiasm and excitement will bridge the distance, I promise. 
  • We will not make any hands-on adjustments to hair, clothing, or poses.  We will give verbal cues and directions as well as demonstrate what we are asking you to do.  
  • We have scheduled a gap between each session to allow families to exit / enter the set without coming into contact with one another.
  • We won’t be sharing props or blankets.  You are more than welcome to bring your own items to the session but because I cannot safely sanitize my accessories and props between clients, we won’t be using them for the time being.  
  • I have revised my illness policy.  If anyone in your family has been sick in the two weeks leading up to your session or if you have been in contact with someone who has been tested for Covid-19 or you and your family are under quarantine, we will move your session to a later date.  
  • All clients will complete a screening questionnaire before their session.

What does Covid-19 really mean for my Holiday Session?

  • It means we are going to focus on choosing outfits and hairstyles that are comfortable and don’t require adjustments.
  • It means we are going to focus on enjoying the session time while I take photos of you interacting with your family.  I will encourage families to bring favourite books, toys, blankets, and other beloved activities.
  • It means we are going to let go of our expectations for perfection and focus on beautiful, happy memories of the people we have been staying home to protect.

If your children can easily follow verbal instructions, which typically starts around the age of 5-7, we are able to incorporate a selection of posed images into your session.

If your children are babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, we will start with a few posed images, where you are all looking at the camera, and then after that we will take our lead from your little ones.  

If your preference is for more traditional posed photos with specific hairstyles and outfits, which require hands on posing adjustments, I would encourage you to wait until 2021 to book your session when we hope that physical distancing recommendations for our profession will be lifted.   
The pandemic has been an incredibly stressful time for all of us, including our children.  My goal, moving forward, is for our sessions to be as joyous and stress-free as possible. 

Are Studio Holiday Sessions available?

All 2020 Holiday Sessions will take place outdoors on sets that are covered (from above) to protect clients from the elements. The requirements for physical distancing and masks at indoor businesses, as well as the ventilation and sanitation recommendations, mean it is not possible to safely offer Holiday Studio Sessions this year.

What happens if there are new restrictions on businesses and our session isn’t able to take place?

Your entire deposit will be refunded.

How do I book my session?

Sessions are booked online in the boutique starting on October 1st.

How do I pay for my session?

Payment of a deposit is required to secure your session spot with the balance due the week your session is scheduled to take place. 

I’m not available on the date for the type of session I want.  Can I book the same session on a weekday or another date?

Sessions are only available on the dates listed.

Will you be adding any additional Holiday Sessions to your schedule?

At this time I am only scheduling sessions 6 weeks in advance. Due to the uncertainty of what will unfold later this Fall, I am not able to confirm whether I will or won’t be able to add any additional sessions to my schedule.

Why aren’t holiday sets available on other dates?

Outdoor Holiday Sessions take place on private property and are only available on the dates listed.

What happens if we can’t come on the day of our session due to illness?

Sessions postponed due to illness and/or quarantine cannot be guaranteed to be rescheduled with the same theme or set.   

Holiday Sessions that are rescheduled will be offered an alternate holiday themed session (if available) or priority booking for a session at a later date.

When will we see the images from our session?

You will be provided with a viewing gallery 3-5 business days after your session.  The gallery will be available for 3 days and once your selections have been made you will receive the final digital images, via digital download, in 3-5 business days.

What happens if it’s really cold or raining on the day of our session?

All Outdoor Holiday Sessions will take place on a set that is covered (from above), which means sessions will go ahead if it is raining or cold. It is important to plan outfits that are appropriate for temperatures that are close to zero and to ensure you have an umbrella to walk from your vehicle to the set.

Is 10-15 minutes really enough time?

Absolutely.  I have photographed nearly 4000 sessions and work with amazing assistants.  Families return to me again and again because I work quickly, I make the process fun and enjoyable, and I know how to create beautiful artistic memories in a short period of time.  

As Holiday Sessions will take place outdoors, it is also important to remember that the cold temperatures means it’s important for sessions to be short and sweet. Children of all ages have a hard time smiling and having fun when they are cold.

What happens if we are running late to our session?

Because sessions are only 10-15 minutes long I cannot extend your session time.  Sessions are scheduled back to back, which is why it’s important to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your session.

If you are late for your session, your session will be not rescheduled and you will not receive a refund for your session time.

What do we wear?

I provide my clients with detailed suggestions on what to wear and how to prepare for their sessions.

As sessions will take place outdoors, it is important that hairstyles and clothing take into account the weather.

Can we change outfits during our session?

You are more than welcome to bring festive hats / mitts, a beautiful blanket, Santa hats or reindeer antlers to add during the session.  It is not possible to change your entire outfit during your session.

How do I change my session date and time?

Please make sure to choose your session date and time carefully as sessions cannot be rescheduled or switched for other session types. Before booking your session please confirm that your partner and children are available on your preferred date and that the session doesn’t interfere with travel or recreation plans (e.g., swimming lessons, hockey tournament).   

If you need to switch your session date and time your session will be re-released and you will be placed on a waiting list for last minute cancellations.

What props do you provide?

I provide the sets but not clothing-related props like hats, headbands etc. or holiday decorations.

To prevent the transmission of lice, clients must bring their own hats and headbands.  This also ensures that hats and headbands fit properly and aren’t drooping into your child’s eyes or too tight.

To prevent the spread of illness, clients must bring their own holiday props (e.g., small holiday toys, Christmas ornaments)

Can grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles come to the session?

Holiday Sessions are for immediate family members only (parents and their children).

What if my baby isn’t sitting up?

I have a variety of props and furniture that I incorporate into the sets so little ones can be photographed posed and/or propped up. It is important that you bring a blanket to line the prop or to place on the ground.

Can we bring our dog to the session?

Dogs are not able to participate in Outdoor Holiday Sessions.