Welcome to the world little one!

I’d last seen this lovely family for their older daughter’s newborn session and was so excited to have them back in the studio again with their newest addition, sweet little Miss E. She is absolutely adorable!

This busy family of five came into my studio this February to capture their first family photos together when Miss E was only a week and half old. Big brother and big sister are quite little themselves but were incredible with their baby sister during their session. They are head over heels in love with Miss E already and were so gentle with her. They gave her the sweetest kisses and soft cuddles during their session that I was thrilled to be there to capture. As a parent these are the moments that make your heart feel bursting with love, and maybe even tear up a little.

After their family and sibling photos were taken both big brother and big sister had a turn to hold their baby sister all on their own. They were so proud to hold her and to show their baby sister to me. I know they are going to be amazing with Miss E and have so much fun together as they grow up! 

Ottawa Newborn Photos