Unlike every other photography service; birth, newborn and maternity photos cannot be rescheduled. It’s one more loss experienced by expectant and new parents and I wanted to figure out a way that they could still have beautiful photos while remaining safe at home.

Everything about newborn photography is hands on: from wrapping and posing the baby, to posing family members, to fixing hair and outfits, to playing games with older siblings.

Because of this it’s not currently safe to offer in person newborn photography sessions. Thanks to video conference software, cell phone camera advancements, and Photoshop magic, we have the ability to create beautiful newborn photos from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Before I meet my clients for their virtual session, we plan all the details for what’s going to happen. We figure out what rooms have the best light as well as if any furniture needs be moved or re-arranged to give us space to take photos. Families send me their favourite poses and photos as well as what wraps, fabric, or accessories they have on hand.

All the poses are ones that can be done safely and without any training. Some parents choose to spend our entire time together taking photos of their new baby while others include photos of their other children as well as each other.

One of my favourite parts of these sessions is seeing what an amazing job parents are doing adapting to incredibly stressful circumstances. I love that we still have the time to chat, just like we do during studio sessions, and that I get to meet their brand new baby even if it’s over the phone.

You can see more details about my Virtual Newborn Sessions here. If you’d like the details, please get in touch via my website.

Ottawa Newborn Photographer | Sara McConnell Photography