One of my favourite parts of my job as a newborn photographer is seeing new parents so utterly in love with their brand new baby. The love you feel when you see your newborn baby for the first time is indescribable and helping new parents capture their first days together as they experience those intense emotions brings me right back to my own first days as a new mother.

I was so looking forward to meeting little Mr. F after getting to know mom and dad during their maternity session.Their anticipation for his arrival was contagious and this sweet little guy certainly did not disappoint, he was a joy to cuddle and photograph!

The first part of our session together was spent capturing this gorgeous family of 3 together for their first family photos. As a parent it can be hard to pull your eyes away from your new baby. The photos of mom and dad taking it all in and looking at Mr. F are so full of love!

For his newborn portraits mom and dad wanted a variety of different types of photos from their session so I styled their session to include a bit of everything. We included super sweet photos on my posing cushion and adorable curled up photos in props as well as some really dramatic photos of little Mr. F on black and in some gorgeous composite pieces. The composite pieces add a touch of whimsy and something really unique to their gallery of photos. 

Welcome to the world little one, you are already so very much loved!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos