I had so much fun with this family and left their session with my heart feeling full. A photography session can be a great way to celebrate and capture an important milestone or anniversary so I was thrilled to be with this lovely couple and their children on their wedding anniversary this Summer.

While I love photographing toddlers and school age children I also definitely appreciate the fun and humour that comes along with photographing teenagers and young adults with their parents. This family must be full of laughter when they all get together!Shooting this family as they approach a new stage with their children as they begin to leave the nest and find their own way in life really made me reflect on one of the questions people ask me most often. “What’s the best age for my children to be when we have our family photos taken?”. Seeing these “kids” with their parents really reaffirmed my answer that every age is the best age to capture your family’s relationship. I am sure the memories that they created together that Summer evening and the photos they have on their walls to remember it will always be a beautiful reminder of this special time in their family’s story.

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Family Photos