What’s it about?

Inspired by Lynn over at Turtlehead, nearly every Summer I create a list of activities for the boys.  

As much as we welcome the slower pace of Summer, it’s easy to fall into a rut of the ‘same old, same old’ activities and for September to arrive and me to be left wondering “what did we do with all our time this Summer?”

kids at the CHEO teddy bear picnic

The Summer of Awesome list is sort of a bucket list for Summer rather than a strict schedule to adhere to.  When the boys were little the list was filled with activities like visiting all our local parks, playing in the sprinkler, making bubble solution, arts and crafts, building sandcastles, and other simple activities.  As they’ve gotten older, my lists have expanded to include our travel plans as well as local festivals, events, and places they want to visit in Ottawa over the Summer.

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sara!  Photographer, wife, mother (wrangler) of three boys.  Lover of photography, caffeine, reading, camping, and travelling.

My love of photography began in a high school dark room over two decades ago and I am so grateful that I have come full circle and now get to teach others. Helping people create their own cherished memories is one of my greatest joys.

preteen boy jumping in waves while wearing a life jacket

What is the Summer of Awesome?

I’ve created my own list of 25 Summer Activities and would invite you to do the same!  It doesn’t matter whether you are at home with your kids for all or part of the Summer or if you work part time or full time: the whole point of the list is to think about what you want to do as a family this Summer (after work and camp, on the weekends) and then write down those activities to take full advantage of the warmest two months in Ottawa.

What is the Summer of Awesome challenge?

Share your list and photos of your adventures on Instagram using the hashtag #SMPSummerofAwesome and by tagging @saramcconnellphoto

The challenge runs from July 1st to September 1st.

Every 2 weeks I’ll randomly select a winner of a gift certificate to one of my favourite businesses.

dragon in downtown ottawa

How often do I have to post photos?

As often as you want!  There is not minimum or maximum, although the more times you share photos, the more likely you are to win.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Prizes: $25 gift certificates every 2 weeks
  2. A way to connect with other local families AND discover different things to do with your own kids this Summer

How do I join the Summer of Awesome Challenge?

  1. Sign up to receive the challenge updates & to be notified of gift certificate winners
  2. Share your photos in Instagram using the hashtag #SMPSummerofAwesome and tagging @saramcconnellphoto

What’s on your list this year?

children petting goats

Our list for 2019

  1. Visit a new ice cream shop
  2. Centrepointe Skate park
  3. Trip to the Bruce Peninsula
  4. Camping at Voyageur Provincial Park
  5. Camping at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park
  6. Camping at Presqu’ile
  7. Nature Museum Trading Post
  8. Paint kindness rocks
  9. Discover two new parks
  10. Park picnic with friends
  11. Calypso
  12. Make a meal with vegetables from our garden
  13. Lemonade stand
  14. Lumiere Festival
  15. Andrew Hayden Park
  16. Fortissimo
  17. Mini golf
  18. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  19. The Mint
  20. Wading pool
  21. Upper Canada Village
  22. Kayaking at Petrie Island
  23. Antiquing
  24. Lansdowne market & park
  25. NCC bike trails