little boy feeding a deer at parc omega

We made our first trek to Park Omega when our eldest son was just 6 months old.  Since then we’ve gone back almost every year and even though the boys have now been many, many times they all love our annual visits because each trip is different depending on the time of year we visit.  

Park Omega is just over an hour from Ottawa and is a Wildlife park where you can interact with animals native to Quebec. The park also provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the province of Quebec.

As you drive through the park you have the opportunity to feed different species of deer as well as see wolves, bears, moose, musk ox, arctic foxes, and bison.

The drive is approximately 15 km and takes about 90 minutes, although there are several places along the journey that you can get out. In the Pioneer area, you can explore the trading post, enchanted house, tree-top walkway, several kilometres of trails, sugar shack, and the old farm. There are also shows and the opportunity to feed dozens of deer.

You can also visit the First Nations area to view the totem poles and walk along the trail that circles the small lake. In both areas there are picnic tables and washrooms.

At the start and end of your journey, the Park House has a cafe, gift shop, washrooms, and you can also buy carrots.

mother wearing little boy at parc omega
Tip: Park Omega is a great place for a baby carrier but not ideal for using a stroller. While there are paths, your ability to maneuver a stroller will depend on what the weather has been like and the season. It’s definitely somewhere you want to have as troller with off-road tires!  

We love to visit in the Spring when the snow has nearly melted so that we can visit the sugar bush on the property.  If you visit later in Spring it’s the perfect opportunity to see all the new babies and to get out and walk the trails where you can feed the deer by hand.  

little boy making maple taffy at parc omega
Tip: Bring baby wipes! Feeding the animals (and eating maple taffy on a stick) is messy business.
small boy in the snow at parc omega
Tip: If you visit the Park in the Spring or Fall I would definitely recommend rubber boots and splash pants. Its not fun sitting in the car touring around the park with a soaker or wet clothes.

We also love to visit in the Winter, as the animals are eager to venture out of the forest for treats when there isn’t any greenery to snack on.  When we have tired of visiting all the indoor venues in Ottawa, Park Omega is the perfect day trip that gets us out of the house and outside.

deer at parc omega
Tip: You can bring your own bags of carrots or your can buy them at Park Omega. For the health of the animals, carrots are the only food you can feed the park residents.
young boy with a deer at parc omega
Tip: Don’t forget to bring your own snacks and drinks! It can take several hours to make your way through the park.

Fall is a beautiful time to visit because of the gorgeous leaves.  The crisp Fall temperatures mean the animals are active and it’s a great time to take advantage of the many kilometres of walking trails.  The boys love to visit the Heritage farm, which is only open at certain times of year. There is a great playground and plenty of farm animals to visit, which makes the farm a ‘must see’ destination with your kids.  

young boy at parc omega
boy riding on a pony at parc omega
Tip: Bring layers of clothes. Even in the warmer months it can be cool when you venture onto the forest trails. If you have little ones, a spare pair of clothes and footwear is also a great idea because it can be muddy on the trails.
boy petting ponies at parc omega

Park Omega is now offering guests the opportunity to stay in the park in their seasonal accommodation. There are even cabins with glass walls that all you to watch the wolves up close!