This little one surprised his parents by arriving a bit earlier than they’d thought but his arrival was the perfect timing for incorporating adorable Winter and Holiday themed newborn props into his session.

Little M was a dream to pose and photograph, he loved being curled up on my posing cushion. The posing cushion offers such a great backdrop for capturing all of baby’s features and those curled up positions babies love so much in those first few weeks. Photos on the posing cushion can be simple, styled with minimal fabrics, and they can also include wraps, draped fabrics, and accessories.

For M’s first photos his parents chose a beautiful colour palette of soft blues, light greys, and creams which ended up being the perfect colours for his fair features. He had the sweetest little features, from his delicate fingers and to his adorable little toes.

He was so comfortable on the posing cushion we took the opportunity to cuddle him up some of my favourite seasonal newborn props, including my new Grinch and Max the Dog stuffies. I may be lucky enough to cuddle up with brand new babies on a regular basis but even I had to stop and take a moment to take in all of the cuteness!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Newborn Photos