Do you have a budding artist or musician in your family?

The arts start early in most families with finger painting, scribbling, and baby music classes. We typically all see our babies and toddlers banging on a random drum at times and scribbling with crayons but for some of our little ones that first introduction to the arts is a tiny hint of what is to come.

For a lot of children, art is a passing interest but for others the love of art takes a strong hold within them and only grows as they become older children and teens. When music and visual arts becomes a choice activity of your child rather than something they must do in primary school it becomes clear that their artistic side is an important part of their personality and who they are.

When you see the amount of focus your child puts into their art or their music and you see the hours slip away as they lose themselves in their passion you know that they are truly an artist. For a lot of children and teens this passion serves as an outlet not only for artistic expression but also for emotional expression. The preteen and teen years is an emotional rollercoaster for children (and for us as parents too!) and being able to express feelings through music and art is one of most positive ways to deal with all of the big emotions that come along.

Music and art is also such a positive way to connect with peers at a time when most parents are worried about the path their child will take. Sharing a passion for the visual arts with a group of friends or being a part of musical group is an incredible experience as they make new connections with people who have common interests. Away from the stressors of school and other responsibilities your child can be free to express themselves and enjoy the beautiful feelings that come with creating music or art.

As parents we all memorialize those first early attempts to create art and music on photograph but as our children get older and their passions become more narrowed it is even more important to celebrate and capture them with their chosen art. As a part of my new sessions for teens and older children I am so excited to be offering the chance to include your child’s love of art or music into their session.

During my sessions for youth I strive to elicit the genuine expressions, personalities, and emotions of my clients to capture just who they really are as individuals. By incorporating your child’s artistic passion into their session I am able to not only capture their love of art but also to help draw them away from any insecurities or shyness that they may have developed in front of the camera as they have gotten older.

young musician

The session experience with me includes wardrobe consultation and a detailed preparation process so that your child is ready and feeling excited for their session long before they come into the studio. I will style your child’s session with their individual personality in mind and include poses and props that are important to both of you. On the day of their session you can feel confident that your child or teen will have a positive experience as it is important to me that I not only capture genuine expressions but also to ensure that they have fun too. During the session I will guide your child through various poses both on their own and with their instrument or artistic props to provide you with a beautiful gallery of images to choose from. Once you have selected your favourite images I will retouch, edit, and artistically enhance your child’s portraits so that your child and your family will always have beautiful artistic memories from this time in your young artist’s life.

I am so looking forward to meeting more wonderful young artists and musicians this upcoming year. I am excited to be offering my new Extraordinary You Sessions this Winter for families who would like their child’s or teen’s photos to include their favourite passion.

Extraordinary You Memories Sessions (20 minutes) can be styled for one child/teen to include their instrument or favourite or art in addition to photos of them in a favourite outfit.

To book one of these special sessions please head to my boutique here!