When I sat down to write this blog post I couldn’t remember the last time I shared an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes and I realized that it’s been many, many months.

As my 8th business anniversary approaches I’m feeling especially nostalgic about my business.  I just wrapped up the first half of my holiday sessions and had the chance to connect with so many amazing families.  These sessions always leave me feeling incredibly grateful for the people that my business has brought into my life over the past eight years.  

This was the first Summer since the year my youngest son was born that we didn’t travel to PEI for part of our Summer holidays.  Last year at the end of the Summer we bought a camping travel trailer and in 2018 we managed to camp a total of 38 days between Victoria Day and the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.  We loved exploring the beautiful province we live in and can’t wait to get back on the road in 2019.  Despite my initial reservations it turns out we are indeed a camping family.  All five of us thrived this Summer and the time together really helped us to understand what was important for our family.

This Fall my eldest son started middle school and my little guy entered grade 1.  The shift felt momentous for our family as the boys now seem to spend more time involved in their own activities than they do at home.  Years ago I thought “oh it will be so much easier once they’re older!” but it turns out it’s just a lot different.  Between driving kids to classes as well as the volunteer requirements for their chosen competitive sports, it feels like our time is less our own.  In the same breath I have to say that watching all three of them take different paths and pursue what they love negates the challenges that come with navigating their schedules and independence.  We love watching them form new friendships and persevere through challenges and are also incredibly grateful for the people their chosen activities have brought into our lives.

2018 really has been a year of big changes for my entire family.  It seemed appropriate that we had our own family photos taken in October, at one of our favourite campgrounds, by one of our favourite people (Brenda), at a time of year we love.

Like many people, I have struggled for years to prioritize my own health and well-being, as there was always an excuse (when the boys are older or after busy season is done).  What I came to realize at the end of 2017 was that our schedule was only feeling more chaotic as the boys got older and that magical ‘right time’ was never going to materialize unless I made it a priority.   As I crept closer to 40 the realization that I need my health if I want to do this job for a very long time (and I do!) was starting to yell rather than whisper.

 “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go”

I feel like this quote really sums up how the year has unfolded for us.  Letting go of things that no longer worked for our family.  Letting go of habits that were negatively impacting my health and embracing many, many small changes that allowed me to make myself a priority for the first time in a long time. Undertaking a huge client survey for the first time in over three years and then using that feedback to restructure many different components of the business and let go of things that were no longer working.  Letting go of things that prevented us from spending more time with each other and spending that time doing things we love.