When people find out I specialize in maternity and newborn photography they often tell me “I wish I had just one beautiful photo of myself when I was pregnant”. Your wish is my command!

If you’ve ever thought about booking a maternity session and then immediately dismissed the idea for 101 different reasons, this blog post is for you!  I hear you, I really do: there are honestly dozens of reasons not to do it but as a mom of three, who regretfully has no maternity photos from her first two pregnancies, I hope you’ll read on to hear what I have to say.  

1-Great for Busy Moms to Be

If you’re struggling with your to do list and feel you can’t make the time for a maternity session before baby arrives my Petite Maternity Sessions are easy to fit into your busy schedule. These shorter sessions are perfect for busy moms-to-be. Everything will be set for you when you arrive and within a few short minutes of shooting you will have a beautiful gallery of a variety of images to choose from. Your selection and delivery of your images will then be done online in the comfort and convenience of your own home so that you can get back to all of your pre-baby prep.

2-What to Wear is Taken Care Of

A lot of mamas-to-be struggle with finding clothing that fits or that they feel beautiful in. Quality maternity clothing can also be so expensive! During my Petite Maternity Sessions you will have access to my large collection of maternity dresses, gowns, tutus, and fabrics so that you do not need to worry about finding something flattering that fits and makes you feel gorgeous.  I have outfits available in many different sizes, from petite to plus size.   If you’re more comfortable wearing one of your own outfits I am also happy to style your session around your favourite outfit.

3-Budget Friendly

For women that would love to have professional maternity photographs but have a smaller budget my Petite Maternity Sessions are extremely affordable. These sessions include a smaller number of images but include the same attention I give to all of my sessions, access to my large collection of maternity gowns, and the high quality photography and editing you expect from me. Petite Maternity Sessions are a smaller investment that you will be so happy you made when you see your gallery.

4-Petite Maternity Sessions are Easy

If the thought of planning your maternity session overwhelms you a Petite Maternity Session is an easy and stress-free way to get those beautiful photographs you want but without the effort of planning. During my Petite Maternity Sessions the backdrop will be pre-selected (my timeless white studio backdrop) and I will walk you through a variety of poses and positions that flatter you so that you can select your favourites once you have seen your gallery. If choosing an outfit intimidates you we are also happy to help you either choose between your favourite outfits or help you select a gown from my collection. We are here to make it easy for you!

5-Your Session will be Fun and Relaxing

Getting in front of the camera, especially while pregnant, makes a lot of women feel incredibly vulnerable. At my Petite Maternity Sessions the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable and everyone always has a wonderful time. Part of the experience when you book a session with me is not only my skills behind the camera but also my ability to make the session fun and help you feel confident and beautiful. I love that women are able to let go of any insecurities they may have during their session and focus on the wonder and excitement that is pregnancy.

6-A Chance to Celebrate

Pregnancy is such a miraculous time in your life. Those days and months of growing and nourishing your baby while they are still a part of you are so special but they are also such a fleeting time in your life. A Petite Maternity Session is an opportunity not only to capture memories from this special time but also to celebrate your journey to motherhood. Pregnancy can be so full of challenges, emotions, and fears but it is important to also celebrate all that is amazing about this extraordinary experience you are going through. If you have had a hard time at all in the lead up to your pregnancy or during your pregnancy, a Petite Maternity Session will help you celebrate this wonderous time in your life and bring you so much fun and joy. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

ottawa maternity photos petite session

7-A Perfect Memento

If you struggle with getting behind the camera and still want to have memories from before your little one arrives my Petite Maternity Sessions are perfect for getting photographs you will want to share and look back at long after your baby arrives. My clients always tell me that they are so happy after their session to have beautiful photographs of themselves that they can put in their baby’s album or photo book. A maternity session is not just an opportunity to have a memento for yourself but also so that you can pass the photos down to your child when they are older. Children love looking at photos of mom when they were still inside them!


8-Your Session Will Make you Look and Feel Beautiful!

It can be hard to embrace the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Everything that you know about yourself is changing and it can be challenging to have so many mixed emotions. A lot of my clients have said they do not feel particularly positive about their changing body however during their session they come to realize just how beautiful they look while pregnant. Afterwards, when mamas see their galleries, they are so happy they put their insecurities aside and let me show them how beautiful they really are. Let me worry about making you look your very best so that you don’t have to!

9-Sessions are Healing

Maternity photography is about creating beautiful memories but it can also be part of your healing process as you learn to love and accept your body as it is. Women and their bodies often have a history of struggles when it comes to how they feel about their looks. Struggles with health issues and fertility also leave their mark on our relationships with our bodies. Petite Maternity Sessions are a healing experience for many mothers who often for years have had negative feelings towards their bodies. Being photographed and having beautiful images of yourself while pregnant can help with the healing as you start to embrace your body and all of its changes.


10-No Regrets

I have never had a client regret their maternity session, even those who struggle with their body image. Newborn and baby photography clients often share with me that hindsight is 20/20 and they wish they’d had the perspective to realize just how important maternity photographs would be to them once their babies arrived. When you are looking forward to your little one arriving it is very easy to put all of the focus on the birth and beyond. Your pregnancy is part of your and your baby’s story and once your little one has arrived you quickly realize how fleeting and special that time was. Let me help you capture on photograph those miraculous and fleeting moments that you will be so happy to have once your baby has arrived and your life has forever changed.   

Petite Maternity Sessions are perfect for moms to be who want just a few beautiful memories of their pregnancy.  For moms to be who want a wonderful experience, professional service, but who don’t want or need a full length maternity session.

From now until June I have four dates set aside for my Petite Maternity Sessions and I would love to welcome you to my studio for a session!

For all of the session details and online booking please head to my boutique here