Vacation isn’t all sunshine and roses.  There comes a point, usually when it’s been just the five of us for four or five days, when the grumpies set in.  The boys are good at finding playmates on the beach during the day but after 24/7 family time we always seem to hit this point when we need to mix things up.

When we left the cottage on the morning of our adventure we weren’t 100% sure what our plan was.  We just knew we needed to get out NOW.  Caffeine in hand and unusually quiet kids strapped into their seats, we headed toward Charlottetown.  When there was no consensus about a park or heading downtown or frankly anything I plugged Island Hill Farm into our google app and didn’t say anything.

“Where are we? What is this?” they grumbled emerging from the van into the sun.

“What does it look like?” (sarcastic mommy emerged briefly)

After paying our entrance fee and being greeted by the cheerful staff we herded the boys over to the rooster and chickens.  Finally the questions started, they crouched in the grass to get closer to the chicks, and they giggled at the rooster who shared a name with their Grandpa.

It wasn’t busy at the farm when we visited and the volunteers and staff were plentiful and friendly.  They answered questions, introduced us to animals, and even handed over bunnies and baby goats for cuddles.

Even my eldest, who isn’t the biggest fan of creatures with wings and hooves, was eager to get his hands on the fluffy bunnies and adorable baby goats.

My favourite part: the animals pens are decorated with paintings and kids artwork and the chicken’s enclosures have fancy light fixtures and chandeliers.

We spent nearly an hour inside the enclosure with the goats.  None of the animals at the farm are hand fed, which means they don’t nibble on your fingers or jump up looking for treats.  They are however eager for attention and there is a bin full of brushes on the wall when you enter their enclosure. It’s impossible not to smile with goats butting up against you looking for head scratches and attention.

There is story time, milking demonstrations, and even yoga on the farm: the regularly post activities on their Facebook page  and Instagram account.

Apparently goats are miraculous creatures because by the time we left everyone was relaxed, smiling, and conspiring about how to sneak a baby goat home.