Thank you to Rebecca for answering these questions and providing her memories of our sessions together!

What was your favourite session?

The sessions we have done have all been so different, but one that stands out for me was my snuggle/breastfeeding session with my youngest, Grayson. I hadn’t been able to do anything like this with my eldest, so it was very meaningful for me to be able to capture this special bond with my little man, particularly as he was my second child and he didn’t always get the same one-on-one time as my first. I had always loved your breastfeeding photos and, as a private person, knew these were for me more than anything else. The only reason I was comfortable having such an intimate time photographed was because I knew you so well, was already comfortable with you and knew how beautiful the photos you take are. I absolutely loved the photos from this session, including the snuggles, the more intimate nursing ones, and there is a very tasteful, more distant shot that is among my favorite pictures you have captured for us. This was our first 10-minute moment session and I was amazed at how much time we had and how many different photos and poses we could get!

What is your favourite photo?

This is probably the hardest to choose. But the ones that keep coming to mind are the ones of both of my kids together, and the first one was from Grayson’s newborn photos. He and Emilie are laying on a blanket together, looking up. It is the first photo we have of the 2 of them alone and it shows how in love with her little brother she was, right from the moment he was born! There are 2 amazing versions, both of which I have printed numerous times, but I think I like the one of her looking at the camera best, you can see the absolute joy in her eyes.

What is your favourite memory?

One special moment for me was when you came to take newborn photos after Grayson was born. We were still trying to get adjusted to life with two little ones, so were of course running behind when you arrived. I remember you asked if it would be okay to take our not-quite-3 year old in the backyard to scope out the best spots to set up. Since you were basically an extension of our family, our normally shy daughter was happy to go out with you, which gave my husband and I a chance to get ourselves and the baby ready. While outside entertaining her, you took one of the most beautiful pictures of my daughter, which I absolutely love, and the session was already a huge success before we even got outside with the baby!


My answers


My Favourite Session:  Picking one is hard but I would have to say your maternity session.  I loved getting to know the two of you and hearing all about your excitement and anticipation for Emilie’s arrival.  I knew Rebecca was nervous about the session and I was so grateful for her trust in me to photograph her.  It was an unbelievably quiet day in the forest and I love the birch trees we used as the backdrop for so many of your photos.  


My Favourite Photo:  I have two!  The first is of Rebecca and Emilie at their Fall session just before Emilie turned one.  Rebecca is sitting on the ground and holding Emilie up above her with the balloons and I love how colourful it is but also the love you can see on Rebecca’s face.  The second photo is from Grayson’s newborn session.  It’s the family photo where all four of you were cuddled up and I was standing just above you.  I love how connected and in love you all are.  


My Favourite Memory: I have two favourite memories from this year.  The first was the Back to School session in September when I took photos for Emilie’s entrance into kindergarten.  It’s incredible to me that I photographed your maternity session and then had the chance to take photos of her as she started school.  The photo of her standing behind Grayson sitting at the desk was a ‘wow’ moment when it came up on my screen because in the time I’ve known you you have gone from a family of 2 to a family of 4.  The second favourite memory was the Holiday Light Session from this year.  The little guy before your session wasn’t sure if the lights so I asked Emilie to come in with me and sit down on the backdrop to show him that it wasn’t scary and could be a lot of fun.  She took her role as a big girl and helper so seriously and sat and chatted with me while we waited for him.  I was so proud of her!
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