If you follow my Facebook page, you know that every Tuesday I share a photography tip.  In addition to these tips, I host a Q and A Wednesday where you can ask questions about photography, using your camera, photo sessions,  and more.  It’s been a really fun way for me to offer help and share some of the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the last several years.

I’ve rounded up a few of my tips, and will continue to post them here from time to time for readers to find them easily.  If you have questions about any of these tips, please feel free to ask in the comments, I’m always happy to help!

The first tips I have featured here is something that comes up often in my Tip Tuesday features and when I’m teaching workshop students or chatting with parents. When was the last time you backed up your photos? So many of us use our smart phones to capture day-to-day memories now, but do we have them protected? If your phone falls in water or is stolen, you may lose several weeks or months of photos. You need to consider backing up using a cloud system, or at the very least, become very diligent about weekly back ups to your home computer. We all know how we would feel if suddenly we lost our pictures and it’s crucial to take steps to protect them.

In addition, for everyone who knows me personally (and professionally), I am a huge fan of printing out my photos for my family. I print photo books every six months and the walls in our home are covered in canvases.  Some are from family photo sessions, others are images I’ve captured on family trips.  Each day, we are surrounded by our extraordinary moments and I cherish the connection and love that they represent. Printing your photos is an easy way to create art in your home too. If you aren’t sure which images to print, a simple digital frame is a nice, temporary way to display a variety of photos at one time. I’ve written about why I think printing your photos is important before.

I’ve also included a couple tips for taking better shots of your children.  The background, while we are focused on the subject, is often forgotten about until you look at the image afterwards and realize something was in the shot that you didn’t notice and is distracting or takes away from the beauty of your photo.  Always double check what’s in the background of your photos as you’re shooting to make sure there isn’t something unwanted in your images.

Finally, getting kids to smile naturally isn’t always easy (or possible, depending on the child) and that’s okay. It’s my job at each shoot to try and capture a child’s personality, but I have found ways to encourage kids to feel comfortable at my sessions and smile. I’m not above using potty humour when I need to, but silly words or sounds or just plain goofiness goes over very well!

Enjoy these tips, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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