Our third son was born in May 2012. While I continue to accept a limited number of clients during the summer months (returning to work in September 2012) I’m also taking extra time to spend with my family. Here are some of the photos from our first few months as a family of five.


In early July we spent the afternoon at the Cumberland Museum for the Kid’s Musical Adventure hosted by the Music & Beyond Festival.  My 6 year old is at a magical age right now where he wants to try everything; he danced (and danced), played instruments, and raced from station to station.  It took my 4 year old a while to warm up but he was thrilled that there was kite flying and mini putt.  I’m not sure who had more fun: the kids, my husband (he really liked the kites and horse shoes!), or me (I loved Junkyard Symphony).

Sara McConnell Photography ~

Ottawa Photographer / Ottawa Event Photographer

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