Someone very special is turning six years old today!  He loves Hardy Boy books, arts and crafts, ATV’s, chocolate, secret spies, rescue personnel, Lego and math.

Recently I had a newborn baby girl in the studio.  My eldest got off the bus and came into the house quietly to wait for his Grandpa to pick him up.  While waiting he circled around the exterior of the studio, peered in at the family that was there, and then proceeded to head upstairs to his room.  My quiet child, the one who is rarely disruptive, then lowered one of his rescue ropes down into the main foyer from upstairs.  He couldn’t resist the allure of an audience.  For fifteen minutes I sat holding the sweet baby girl in position on the beanbag waiting for her to settle back down after waking up.  I chatted with the parents and my son, who at this point had retrieved his Nintendo DS and was taking photos of me holding the baby.

He came over to me quietly at one point and whispered in my ear (“Mom, you’re forgetting to take the pictures!!”) before scampering off to another room.

He is serious and hysterically funny; introspective and silly; only six but an old soul; and he’s so excited to be a big brother again this spring.

Happy Birthday my love

Sara McConnell Photography ~

Ottawa Children’s Photographer

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