Parenting is a labour of love, as is photographing my two boys.

Very few people believe me when I tell them the toughest gig I’ve ever had (and continue to have) is photographing my own kids.

I’m really and truly not kidding.  My boys have grown up with a mom whose camera is like a third limb: there are 10s of 1000s of photos of them and neither has a lot of interest in having their photo taken.

Exhibit A: My mom and step-dad (look at those lovely smiles) and a foot-gazing boy and monkey of some sort.

Exhibit B: Jazz hands and deer-caught-in-headlights smile (with soldier arms)

Exhibit C: Yes I’m sure Grandpa would love to have your fingers jammed in his mouth…

Exhibit D: See, even with an extra set of hands it’s a bit of a lost cause 🙂

I hope you’re having a fantastic Labour Day Weekend.  I know we are…monkeys and all!