One of our favourite places to visit in the summer is Andrew Hayden Waterpark, which is on Carling Avenue just east of the main entrance to Andrew Hayden Park.  The well-shaded park combines the fun of water, play structures, and sand: be prepared for your kids to get really really dirty!  The water sprouts from a variety of structures but unlike splash pads it doesn’t spray, instead travelling through water wheels, troughs, and wooden trays.  Kids can change the direction of the water by moving sections of the wooden troughs and there’s also spinning wheels and small raised tables where the water collects to splash in.  There are change rooms and washrooms on site but make sure to bring snacks (or a picnic) and lots of sand toys.  Plastic buckets and watering cans that the kids can fill up themselves are a big hit!

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Children’s Photographer, Ottawa Photographer, Ottawa Family Photographer

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