My parents have lived around the corner from Rideau Valley Antiques for over ten years now and I’ve visited many times.  It wasn’t until last weekend that I finally felt my five year old was old enough to appreciate a visit. I was on the hunt for a prop for my newborn sessions but we ended up staying over an hour to explore the rows and rows of treasures.  Everything from pots and pans, chairs, glass jars, bed frames, wooden boxes, and an old farm house that is packed from floor to ceiling with an 18 inch path winding through it.  He was fascinated by the age of everything we stumbled across (old!) and the sheer number of hubcaps, chairs, and license plates.  If you’re in the area, or in the mood for a drive, Rideau Valley Antiques is at 104 Rideau Ferry Road and is open from Monday to Saturday (9 to 6).

I found more than a few treasures for my newborn sessions and can’t wait to share the photos!