Ottawa is home to a fantastically talented writing and blogging community that comes together once a year to Blog Out Loud.  Twenty-one bloggers are chosen to read one of their posts and its a great opportunity to hear the voices behind the stories you read online.  From the side-sidesplittingly funny to the heartbreakingly poignant you can’t help but admire the talent and raw truthfulness shared by each and every one of the writers.  This is my second year in attendance and once again I walked away inspired to write and create, which I’ve been known to try my hand at in between taking pictures.  Check out the photos I took of the event on my Facebook page and, if you’re curious, here’s a link to the post I read this year.  Happy Blogging!

Our intrepid leader and BOLO organizer Lynn.  I bow down to her amazing efforts to bring us all together each year!

The event’s live tweeter

Full house!

This beautiful women brought the entire room to its feet

Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Event Photographer, Ottawa Family Photographer, Ottawa Photographer