In February six moms and their children joined me for a breastfeeding photography session.  The positive response was overwhelming and so on Thursday eight moms and their children joined me at my home for another session.

I’ll post a series of the photos over the course of this week: there are after all 140 to choose from!

Their reasons for participating were all different.  For some moms, breastfeeding didn’t come easily, or naturally, and having these photographs is a way to remember what they went through to be able to nurse their baby.  For others its a way to remember the last baby or child they will nurse.

Whatever their reasons, it was a wonderful morning!

The window seat in our bedroom made the perfect location for some of the shots that morning.  It was also great motivation to tidy-up our room 🙂

Sara McConnell Photography – Ottawa Photographer, Ottawa Newborn Photographer, Ottawa Children’s Photographer

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