Our two boys are *huge* Bobs & LoLo fans.  We own all their cds and they’re on constant rotation in the play room.  So imagine our excitement when we found out they were coming to Ottawa to take part in the Go Green Expo at Lansdowne Park.

We were lucky enough to snag third row seats for the 1/2 hour long show.  Our five year old was singing and dancing along with Bobs and LoLo while our 2 and a 1/2 year old sat glued in his dad’s lap.  Apparently Bobs & LoLo ‘in real life’ is pretty fantastically overwhelming.

Thanks Bobs & LoLo for putting on a great show: you sang our favourite songs (our 5 year old loves ‘Go Go Grow’ because he wants to be a hockey goalie and our 2 1/2 year old loves ‘My Bike’) and the boys were thrilled to meet you in person.

We hope to see you back in Ottawa very soon!

Sara McConnell Photography – Ottawa Photographer, Ottawa Family Photographer, Ottawa Event Photographer