I started coding html when I was 15.  Building websites a year later.  As a photographer I spend hours in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  And probably an equal number of hours on Twitter and Facebook.  I have a desktop, laptop, and iPhone.  I love gadgetry and all things social media.

I’m a girl geek and proud of it, which is why I’m excited to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Girl Geek Dinner Leadership Panel event on January 26, 2011.

Ottawa Girl Geek Dinners are an offshoot of the London Girl Geek Dinners, started by Sarah Blow. The goal of these get-togethers is to make technology accessible and interesting to all age groups and all people, particularly women.

These monthly events are aimed at providing a welcoming atmosphere and a platform for learning in an informal environment. They are always held in pubs, bars or restos and there is usually a speaker (or several) who talk for a short while on a chosen subject for the evening.

Girl geek or girl-geek wannabe?  Join us on January 26th for dinner and a panel discussion at the Black Tomato in the market.  I’ll be the one peering out from behind my camera and iPhone 🙂

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